It’s time for a new direction


Safe communities with low crime by ensuring adequate staffing levels of our police department.

Increase community engagement with our police and first responders.

Improve response times from 6.5 minutes to 5 minutes.


Ensure clean streets that are free from graffiti, tents, and needles.

Expand our homeless resources to get our community members off the streets and into accountable long-term housing.

Increase accessibility in Tigard by improving sidewalks, roads, and beautification of right-of-ways.


Support local businesses and foster economic growth within our community.

Providing affordable housing solutions for a growing workforce.

High return on investment for collected city taxes.

Keep businesses open from COVID-19.


Increase visibility and accessibility into the mayor’s office through the use of technology.

Build on current standard of 66% accessible parks (with goal of 80%) within a 10 minute walk.

Foster consistent engagement between local government and citizens of Tigard.

Issues + Plans

A new direction for a prosperous future in Tigard.

As mayor, I will be a champion for ALL citizens of Tigard. I am a political outsider with fresh, common sense ideas. With a background in business, I have a history of bringing diverse groups of people together to solve problems and get things done. That is the same spirit that I plan to bring to the role of mayor. 

Public Safety

Despite the levy passed in 2020, police response times have stagnated and crime has risen. We need to consistently fund our police through the general budget, have accountability for transgressors, and reduce response times. With that, we must lobby Washinton County for an expansion of the Washington County Mental Health Response team to ensure speedy resources for those who need them.

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In order to tackle the growing homelessness problem in Tigard, we need to implement known successful models. This means establishing personal accountability, building trust, providing wrap-around services, and multi-tiered solutions. Tigard is failing at providing an adequate inventory of emergency shelters and affordable housing. Affordable housing is paramount to the issue of homelessness in Tigard. Furthermore, we need to lobby the State and the County to provide proper funding, to make sure that our city’s needs are being met.

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Affordable Housing

Buying a home in Tigard is quickly becoming a luxury that only the wealthiest can afford. With the average home price being $661,000, many cannot afford to live here. We need to ensure a healthy and diverse market for housing. Tigard needs an abundance of housing for first time buyers and middle-income families. This needs to be done by limiting regulations for new builds and incentivizing developers. By developing a healthy and sustainable market, we will be able to allow families in Tigard to build Generational Wealth.

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We need to support ALL businesses in Tigard, not just a specific few in the downtown corridor. The way we foster a healthy economy is through our budget. Right now, the city has $127.9M in outstanding debt and is projected to have an ever-growing deficit. We need to curb frivolous spending and start investing in our city responsibly. Transparency is incredibly important. You should know exactly how your tax dollars are being spent. Revitalizing Tigard is incredibly important to building an economy that reflects the people of Tigard: strong and resilient.

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