Nick's Top 5 Priorities

1Public Safety

2Homelessness(Full Plan)


4Oregon's Image

5Technology & Cybersecurity

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“Nick reminds me of my uncle Vic. The Republican party didn’t support his run in 1978 against established politicians but ran anyway and won because he knew he was the right choice for Oregon. Nick is what Oregon needs and he has my full support.”
– David Atiyeh
(Nephew of last Republican Governor, Vic Atiyeh)

Oregon Republican

It is time to revive Oregon’s strong legacy of Republican Governors and lead Oregon in a new direction.

We need leadership like Vic Atiyeh, Mark Hatfield, and Tom McCall. We need an Oregon Republican.

These men were great leaders because they put Oregonians first. They did not pander to party lines. They did not give in to private interest. Instead, they reached across the aisle and built a better future. For all of us.

Nick represents the silent majority of Republicans who want our state and our party to return to their core traditional values of civility, support of small business, lower taxes, and freedom and justice for all.

Nick believes that extremist political rhetoric damages our ability to work together to find common ground and reasonable solutions to our state’s many challenges.

Nick is an outsider–a businessman. His years of negotiating and bringing diverse people together make him uniquely qualified to lead the state of Oregon.

Nick is an Oregon Republican.

Top 5 Priorities

Public Safety

Zero tolerance for violent crime.

Oregon needs urgent action to curb rising crime rates. We must support and reinvest in law enforcement across our state.

We need to hire and train more police officers. To boost accountability and transparency, we must provide officers with body cameras. We need to expand Portland Street Response to engage those with mental health and addiction challenges.


Join forces with organizations with proven models to combat the homelessness crisis.

The camps around our communities are unacceptable to everyone, including those experiencing homelessness.

We need to partner with local organizations who have proven models in combating homelessness. We need to clean up the hazardous camps in our communities. And we must provide a safe and sanitary place for people to transition from the streets to affordable housing.

We need to utilize existing technology to track open beds between shelters. Nick supports the creation of a coordinated services organization that shares resources across the state.

Nick will bring city, county, and state leaders together to solve this crisis.


Quality education for all Oregonians.

Nick denounces racism and white supremacy. And he believes that elementary, middle, and high school students need to learn the real history of our nation that examines the good, the bad, and the grey. No indoctrination, just actual history.

Our public school system is ranked 40/50. Our number one priority should be to make sure our students are recieving a high quality education that prepares them for the future. Our schools need the funding and resources necessary to provide that. We need to go back to the basics so that students are getting the quality of education they deserve.

Oregon's Image

Bring business and tourism back to Oregon.

It is time we reclaimed our once-thriving tourism industry and local businesses.

Graffiti, boarded-up windows, camps, crime, and rioting have damaged Oregon’s image. We need to immediately clean up public spaces and return Oregon to a pristine and welcoming place.

In addition to cleaning up Oregon’s image, Nick is committed to running cost-effective PR campaigns to bring back tourism.

Technology & Cybersecurity

Modernize and Protect Oregon for the 21st century.

Unemployment, rental assistance, and Cover Oregon were all recent state technology disasters. They cost Oregon taxpayers millions and in return, accomplished nothing.

It is time for Oregon to join the 21st century and modernize its digital infrastructure. We need technology that is usable, cost-effective, and safe. We need to upgrade outdated hardware and prevent cybersecurity and ransomware attacks.

As Governor, Nick will partner with local IT and technology companies to become a safe, and technology-friendly state.

Why Nick

Living in the State of Oregon is like buying shares in a publicly-traded company. We live, work, pay taxes, and vote. The only difference is that corporations are required by the government to be transparent. And unlike corporations, the State of Oregon has not been so forthcoming.

As governor, I will pull back the veil on government spending. I will also increase visibility into state statistics. Oregonians should have access to all information to make informed decisions about what is best for them.

As governor, I will listen and lead. I will approach the position of Governor of Oregon as CEO. I will leverage my experience in negotiations, management, and conflict resolution to stop the bickering. My goal is to find common-sense approaches and make necessary changes to our laws, taxes, and enforcement that benefit the greater Oregon population.

I want all 4.5M+ Oregonians to have an equal voice. I want you to share your stories, your frustrations, and your needs with me. If you have an idea or a way that we can improve our state, I want you to be able to share it. Oregon is your home as much as it is mine.

As governor, it is time to hold ourselves and others accountable. We must find new ways to deal with the rampant drug use and homelessness that is overtaking our state.

I will work together with police, city and state politicians, mental health professionals, and state-funded mental health facilities to find a new way forward. As we have seen, both the love-centric and hardline approaches to addiction and homelessness benefit no one.

But it doesn’t stop there. We must fix our image and reestablish Oregon as a tourist destination. That starts with getting our citizens to believe that change is real. If we can believe, then our businesses will thrive, and Oregonians across the state will reap the rewards.

Oregon has a track record of being a technology nightmare.

The Oregon healthcare site was a $300M loss of taxpayer money due to mismanagement. During the pandemic, it was the 5+ hour long wait times to call into the unemployment office. Even worse was out-of-work Oregonians waiting on those benefits for at least 6 months.

As governor, I will modernize government websites making them easier to navigate. I will improve state phone systems by increasing capacity and the number of people available to help.

More importantly, I will update and strengthen our state’s digital infrastructure. We must prevent cybersecurity and ransomware attacks like the attack on Colonial Pipeline. We must protect Oregonians and make sure their information remains private.

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Join the Conversation.

Let us know how to reach you.

How would you like to support Nick?

As Voters, We Deserve a Voice.
As Citizens, We Deserve the Truth.
As People, We Deserve Respect.
As Oregonians,
We Deserve Better.

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