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Oregon Republican

It is time to revive Oregon’s strong legacy of Republican Governors and lead Oregon in a new direction.

We need leadership like Vic Atiyeh, Mark Hatfield, and Tom McCall. We need an Oregon Republican.

These men were great leaders because they put Oregonians first. They did not pander to party lines. They did not give in to private interest. Instead, they reached across the aisle and built a better future. For all of us.

Nick represents the silent majority of Republicans who want our state and our party to return to their core traditional values of civility, support of small business, lower taxes, and freedom and justice for all.

Nick believes that extremist political rhetoric damages our ability to work together to find common ground and reasonable solutions to our state’s many challenges.

Nick is an outsider–a businessman. His years of negotiating and bringing diverse people together make him uniquely qualified to lead the state of Oregon.

Nick is an Oregon Republican.

Change Starts with You

Why Nick

Transparency Creates Trust

Living in the State of Oregon is like buying shares in a publicly-traded company. We live, work, pay taxes, and vote. The only difference is that corporations are required by the government to be transparent. And unlike corporations, the State of Oregon has not been so forthcoming.

We have no record to show us where our investments are going. How our tax dollars are being spent. Or how state statistics are being calculated.

There are no such things as “facts” anymore. Instead it is presenting numbers to better fit the narrative.

Recently, our state missed an opportunity to create trust when reporting Covid-19 cases. Instead of releasing all reported data, our officials chose to cherry-pick and withhold data to support their story.

But it doesn’t stop there.

State budget information should be clear and available for Oregonians to review. At all times you should be able to see exactly where and how your tax dollars are being spent.

As governor, I will pull back the veil on government spending. I will also increase visibility into state statistics. Oregonians should have access to all information to make informed decisions about what is best for them.

Change Starts with a Conversation

There’s a lot of chatter in politics these days. And no one is really listening. For those in the middle, we are being drowned out by the extremes on both sides.

Meanwhile, our politicians force legislation put forth by special interest groups. They flip-flop on the issues to appeal to their public image. And cater to their voters to ensure their re-election year-after-year.

If we measure a great leader by doing the most good for the greatest number of people, our politicians have failed us.

The question our government should be asking is “What do you need from me to be successful?”

As governor, I will listen and lead. I will approach the position of Governor of Oregon as CEO. I will leverage my experience in negotiations, management, and conflict resolution to stop the bickering. My goal is to find common-sense approaches and make necessary changes to our laws, taxes, and enforcement that benefit the greater Oregon population.

I want all 4.5M+ Oregonians to have an equal voice and be heard. I want to instill real change through the Oregon Ideas Portal that I set up as part of my campaign. I want you to share your stories, your frustrations, and your needs with me. If you have an idea or a way that we can improve our state, I want you to be able to share it. Oregon is your home as much as it is mine.

So the question still stands: How can I help you be successful in your life?

Re-Envision the Image of Oregon

As Oregonians, we have been referring to the past a lot lately.

“Do you remember when you could walk down the streets of Portland? Do you remember when you could drive down I-5 and not see trash or graffiti? Or, do you remember when Oregon didn’t make the daily national news for another riot or shooting?”

We’ve all grown weary of the mismanagement and disillusionment of our government. Some have even picked up and moved away.

As governor, it is time to hold ourselves and others accountable. We must find new ways to deal with the rampant drug use and homelessness that is overtaking our state.

I will work together with police, city and state politicians, mental health professionals, and state-funded mental health facilities to find a new way forward. As we have seen, both the love-centric and hardline approaches to addiction and homelessness benefit no one.

But it doesn’t stop there. We must fix our image and reestablish Oregon as a tourist destination. That starts with getting our citizens to believe that change is real. If we can believe, then our businesses will thrive, and Oregonians across the state will reap the rewards.

Utilize Technology to Improve Oregon's Infrastructure

Oregon has a track record of being a technology nightmare.

The Oregon healthcare site was a $300M loss of taxpayer money due to mismanagement. During the pandemic, it was the 5+ hour long wait times to call into the unemployment office. Even worse was out-of-work Oregonians waiting on those benefits for at least 6 months.

It is time for Oregon to join the 21st century and be of service to its citizens.

I have 20+ years of experience running my own IT company. My technology background consists of cybersecurity, networks, and digital infrastructure.

As governor, I will modernize government websites making them easier to navigate. I will improve state phone systems by increasing capacity and the number of people available to help.

More importantly, I will update and strengthen our state’s digital infrastructure. We must prevent cybersecurity and ransomware attacks like the attack on Colonial Pipeline. We must protect Oregonians and make sure their information remains private.

About Nick

Growing up, everyone in my family had their own business. It was often the topic of conversation over dinner or at family gatherings.

I got my own taste of being an entrepreneur when I was a freshman in high school. I took my interest in technology and turned it into a business. That is how I started building and repairing computers for friends and family.

I haven’t stopped since. I have over 20 years of successful business experience.

Today, I am the owner and CEO of a national IT managed services provider and a telecommunications company. With my wife, we own and operate a cooking class business located in Tigard.

But above all else, my greatest role is parent to my 9-year-old son. With him, I believe in leading by example. And my run for governor is no different.

As governor of Oregon, I will lead with hard work and integrity. Please join me in reestablishing a voice for all Oregonians.

Join the Conversation.

Let us know how to reach you.

How would you like to support Nick?

Join the Conversation.

Let us know how to reach you.

How would you like to support Nick?

As Voters, We Deserve a Voice.
As Citizens, We Deserve the Truth.
As People, We Deserve Respect.
As Oregonians,
We Deserve Better.

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Phone: 971-332-Hess(4377)

10180 SW Nimbus Ave, STE J1

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