Bring Back Tourism

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Toursism is a life blood of any thriving city. Visitors bring desprately needed outside support to our communities. It is time Oregon was no longer the lauging stock of our country.

When was the last time you or your family wanted to visit downtown Portland? I imagine not often like myself. It is heart breaking to see what has become of this city. I can remember not too long ago every where I traveled people would say you are so lucky to live there and I can’t wait to visit… Well now all I hear is I am so sorry. That is not the image any of us want for a major city in our state. That doesn’t help the restraurants, hotels, museums, events centers, and businesses as a whole. These groups needs the support of people from both inside and outside of the state. They need politicians to find a way to help them.  

How Do We Fix It?

  1. We need to make actions have consequences. Our government should hold people accountable that are causing damage to people & property. There is no reason for our police to stand on the sidelines. They need to be active members of our communities.
  2. Tough love for homeless in the state. It is time for us to have some new fresh ideas for dealing with homelessness. This is not just about addiction and mental illness anymore. Every day it becomes more and more of a social epidemic. We need to ensure that programs are available and used properly and that tents can’t be pitched anywhere they want. Public right of ways are not where tents belong.
  3.  It starts from within. We need all of you to start making the trip in to downtown to support the restraunts and shops. Take in a show or visit the museums. We need Oregonians to start being proud of their state and the city of Portland again so they are willing to correct the I am so sorry’s!



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