Nick's Top 5 Priorities

1Public Safety

2Homelessness(Full Plan)


4Oregon's Image

5Technology & Cybersecurity


Our education system is failing. In 2021, Oregon’s public school system ranked 42/50. We are failing our teachers, our students, our communities, and our state.

The future of our children – and our state – depends on the quality of our education system. Our number one priority should be to make sure that all Oregonians receive a high quality education.

My plan includes:

      1. Creating competition through school choice
      2. Teaching history, not indoctrination
      3. Improving student mental health services
      4. Ensuring transparency and accountability
      5. Encouraging Career Technical Education

1. Creating competition through school choice

Parents should have the power to decide where their child goes to school. School choice allows parents to make sure their child receives the best education possible. Education is not one-size-fits-all, and it’s time for Oregon to recognize that.

Oregon should convert some of its state funding to allow parents to allocate funds for homeschooling or charter schools, if they choose. This increases competition between private and public schools, which will incentivize improvements across the board.

2. Teaching history, not indoctrination

Nick denounces racism and white supremacy. Students need to learn the real history of our nation that examines the good, the bad, and the gray. Not indoctrination–just actual, complete history.

No Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory threatens to divide our children and our communities. It undermines the very foundation of our nation and our democracy. Our education system needs to focus on the basics, not confuse and indoctrinate our students with biased political ideologies. Partisanship has no place in our classrooms.

3. Improving student mental health services

A 2020 study by Mental Health America ranked Oregon 47th in the nation for prevalence of mental illness among youth. Students are facing a mental health crisis.

In-Person Learning

The pandemic has undoubtedly contributed towards student mental health struggles. Students are struggling with isolation and the stress of switching between distance and in-person learning. We need to make sure that schools stay open for in-person learning.

Mental Health Professionals

We must allocate funding to ensure that all schools are equipped with sufficient mental health counselors, social workers, and school psychologists.

4. Ensuring transparency and accountability

We must encourage parent involvement through transparency and accountability. Parents should know what is happening and what is being taught in the classroom. They should have the ability to review all material being taught and have the option to opt in or out of curriculum.

Reinstating graduation requirements

Our state legislature failed our students when they decided to abolish graduation requirements for Oregon public schools. By removing testing, they are hiding the fact that they are failing our students. As governor, I will push the legislature to reinstate graduation requirements. We must raise our standards to foster the next generation of leaders.

In the classroom

During the pandemic, our children’s classrooms became more transparent with the move to virtual learning. As parents we got a first-hand look at what was being said and taught in the classroom. Now, as we transition back to in-person learning, we must embrace transparency and technology by placing cameras in the classrooms. Not only does it increase transparency and accountability, it also allows our children a way to stay caught up in their school if they have to miss time in the classroom.


In 2018, the Oregon Department of Education, whose Director was hand-picked by Governor Kate Brown, decided to delay the release of Oregon school performance ratings until after the election. This decision was eventually released due to public backlash, but it should never have been possible in the first place.

We need to implement comprehensive systems and policies to evaluate and disclose Oregon’s education performance data. This disclosure should be free from political influence and bias. Right now, the data is disclosed but often difficult for the public to find. Parents deserve easy access to up-to-date information, in order to make the best decisions for their child’s future. Educators can use this information to identify areas for improvement.

5. Encouraging Career Technical Education

Students should graduate from our education systems with the skills to succeed in the workforce. Career technical education (CTE) teaches students the academic and technical skills that they need for high-demand occupations.

CTE can help address our staffing shortages in important occupations such as education and healthcare. It can boost our human capital in industries that Oregon has fallen behind in, such as technology and cybersecurity.

As the owner and CEO of a national cybersecurity and telecommunications company, I will leverage my over 21 years of successful business experience to develop Oregon’s CTE programs. I will ensure that students who graduate from our education systems are eligible and prepared for job opportunities within Oregon.

In Conclusion

As Governor, I will make sure our students are receiving a high quality education that prepares them for the future. All Oregonians deserve a quality education that fits their needs and goals.

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