Nick's Top 5 Priorities

1Public Safety

2Homelessness(Full Plan)


4Oregon's Image

5Technology & Cybersecurity

Public Safety

Public Safety

For too long, Oregon politicians have failed our communities by being soft on crime. In 2021, Portland surpassed San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle in its number of homicides. Oregonians deserve to feel safe on the streets. It’s time for a change.

We desperately need a governor who will have zero tolerance for violent crime.

To protect our families, my plan includes:

  1. Reinvesting in law enforcement
  2. Expanding mental health and addiction services
  3. Boosting accountability and transparency

1. Reinvesting in law enforcement

The answer to rising crime is not to vilify the police, it’s to fund and support them. Alongside new training, we need to ensure that law enforcement has the manpower and money it needs to protect our communities.


We need to build strong talent pipelines for those who wish to pursue law enforcement. The government should work with local schools and organizations to engage youth who are interested in policing. We should introduce incentives, such as scholarships and retention bonuses, to increase recruitment and retention.

We also need to streamline the hiring and training processes. For example, we should leverage technology to permit applicants to apply online and communicate with recruitment officers remotely. Researchers have found that the lengthy hiring process deters a significant number of promising applicants, starving Oregon’s police departments of much needed talent.

Get To Work

Along those lines, we need to expand the number of training sessions at the state police academy.  It takes up to 2 years to get an officer trained and on the streets protecting the public, and we must address this delay.


We also need to work with law enforcement agencies to develop comprehensive training programs. Police officers should be proficient in firearm skills, but also in conflict management and the use of non-lethal weapons.

2. Expanding mental health and addiction services

Industry leaders declared in 2021 that Oregon’s mental and behavioral health system was “on the brink of collapse.” Oregon consistently ranks among the worst states in the nation for access to mental health and addiction services, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made the situation worse. We need to invest in better mental health and addiction services.

Response Programs

We need to expand programs like Portland Street Response and Eugene’s CAHOOTS to engage those with mental health and addiction challenges. In doing so, we will ensure that trained professionals are available to compassionately yet effectively respond to mental health crises instead of police, taking a huge load off their shoulders. The answer to mental illness isn’t incarceration, and having those in need interface with experts can get them in touch with the right program and type of care.

Reducing Stigma

We also need to create community engagement and education initiatives that reduce the stigma around mental health and addiction challenges. That way we can intervene early, help at-risk people and save ourselves from problems down the line.

3. Boosting accountability and transparency

Community Engagement

To boost accountability and transparency, law enforcement agencies should actively and consistently collaborate with local community members. Increased funding can help agencies develop and expand community-engagement initiatives.

Leveraging Technology

To encourage transparency, we must create clear avenues for law enforcement to share information and data with the community. Lastly, we must provide officers with high frame rate body cameras. Both departments and communities have requested body cameras, and everyone can feel safer knowing that no one’s conduct is misrepresented.

Let’s protect our families.

We can’t afford to keep the same establishment politicians in power any longer. For the sake of our families, we need to stop being soft on crime. It’s time for us to invest in our law enforcement, boost accountability and transparency, and expand mental health and addiction services. Together, we can keep our families safe.

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