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To-Do List

As mayor, I will be a champion for ALL citizens of Tigard. I am a political outsider with fresh, common sense ideas. With a background in business, I have a history of bringing diverse groups of people together to solve problems and get things done. That is the same spirit that I plan to bring to the role of mayor. The following is a list of to-dos that I plan to tackle as mayor of Tigard.

If there is anything I left out that you feel should be added to this list, please reach out to me at nick@votehess.com.


  • Properly fund police without the need for a levy.
  • Lobby state for changes to Measure 110 to combat rising drug use and overdose.
  • Lobby for a larger Washington Co. jail to meet the demand of crime.
  • Add sidewalks to increase accessibility and walkability.
  • Decrease police response times to under 5 minutes.
  • Create grant programs for businesses to help lock and secure big ticket items, help with loss prevention, and to install proper lighting and security cameras.


  • New city facilities to meet growing demand.
  • Stop wasteful spending on revolving door homeless programs. Fund programs that show results at solving the problem and promote accountability.
  • Lobby metro for help in keeping our streets clean from drugs, needles, tents, and graffiti.
  • Beautification of public right-of-ways and trails to help offset carbon emissions.
  • Deter vandalism and graffiti by partnering with local artists and providing grants to businesses to create murals throughout the city.


  • Create more middle income housing options and opportunities for first-time homebuyers.
  • Expand the Tigard business incubator program.
  • Support ALL Tigard businesses, not just those located in the downtown area.
  • Recruit new businesses to Tigard, especially those looking to grow and expand within Tigard.
  • Create programs to enhance Hwy 99 businesses to better represent the city of Tigard.
  • Stronger accountability for city land and resources.
  • Change city sign and design codes to be more accommodating to businesses.
  • Balance the budget through spending cuts. No more new taxes.
  • Lobby for changes to Washington Co. grant programs to support equity driven projects.
  • Be an active piece across the state promoting Tigard and why people and businesses should move here.


    • Finish Fanno Creek trail on time and on budget.
    • Change building codes for shelters to allow for maintaining standards at the original building code level.
    • Push for fast tracking new construction when it meets the terms of equitable housing.
    • Champion a higher level of customer service across city offices. Remind city workers that they work for the people of Tigard.
    • Lobby state for changes to Hwy 99 to mitigate traffic.
    • Carry the baton for the Greenburg project and advocating for Hall Blvd. to move to city control.
    • Continue to increase city parks and greenspaces.

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